DISCOVER! Living History School Programs

Have you ever thought about getting your class to learn more about the Viking history of Newfoundland and Labrador? Well, now you can!

This interactive and innovative program is designed to enhance visitors knowledge of the Norse occupation in Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Discover! program runs from the first week in June through to the end of September. It is designed to be both educational and fun for Visitors. People of all ages have participated and come back for more.

Upon Arrival

When students arrive at Norstead, they are given a few moments to unwind after their bus ride. Then they are divided into groups and given an introduction of the days activities. As well, they are given a Viking style costume to wear and a Viking name to use during their visit.

As well, an explanation is given of the expected behaviour from participants, along with rules for the site, and assistance needed from supervisors who are accompanying the group. Then groups are given a tour of the site and are then ready to participate in the hands on learning techniques.

Program Objectives

Grades 1-2
- To expose the child to Viking lifestyle through interaction and tactile experiences
- To identify the role of children in the 11th century home

Grades 3-4
- To identify, explore and discover the many different community members living at Norstead
- To identify the role of families, as well as the role of trades people at the Viking Age port of trade

Grades 5-6
- To identify resources and their use in the 11th century economy
- To identify self-sufficiency of the 11th century family and their interdependency of community families


Children are assigned to activities designed for their specific age group. Students can participate in any of the following activities:

Grades 1-2
- helping with bowl making on the lathe in the boat shed
- care for the Viking ship, Snorri
- working with the trader in the trade room
- help with the ladies in the scalley, which is the only kitchen in the village
- help in the weaving room by spinning and dying wool and weaving it on the loom
- help blacksmith with charcoal production

Grades 3-4
- concentration on boat building and navigation techniques
- work with carvers to learn woodworking techniques
- trading with the trader
- learn about food that the Norse ate and how it was prepared
- concentration on textile production
- work with the blacksmith in iron production

Grades 5-6
- concentration on navigation techniques and how the sail was used
- making bowls on the spring pole lathe and other woodworking activities as assigned
- trading with the trader, concentration on the value of goods
- concentration on the gathering of food, cooking skills and the implements used
- work with women in the weaving room to begin the process of clothing production
- work with the blacksmith in iron production

Make the journey and Discover! Living History School Programs at Norstead.

Students will participate in activities at their assigned work station. The hands on experience that they will receive from this aspect of the program will have an enormous impact on them. While they are at Norstead, they actually live and work as children their age did 1000 years ago!

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